What is a “Happymoon” anyway?

Happymoon. Noun. What one does, just for themselves, to reconnect with their inner peace, nurture themselves, and make themselves happy. It mirrors the intimate sentiment of the word from which it is derived, “honeymoon,” in that it is specific and unique to an individual.

Implicit in the notion of a happymoon is the idea that happiness is a choice that one makes by seeking out and doing that which makes him or her happy, or perhaps by just consciously, and very deliberately, devoting time and mental energy to enjoying the blessings and good fortune that one already has.

See also: “find one’s happy place”, “tend one’s own garden”, “take time for oneself” and “do what makes one happy”.

Example: “I’ve had no time for myself this week, so this weekend I’m going to take a happymoon by spending the day at the spa, then hanging out with my girlfriends.”

Can also be used as a verb. Example: “Sorry, boss, I’d love to spend all weekend working on this project, but I’m happymooning with my kids at the beach.”

What will YOU do for your Happymoon?

Thank you for reading our very first post! We look forward to learning & sharing how to live a Life on Happy!


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8 thoughts on “What is a “Happymoon” anyway?

  1. Tomi Okey says:

    Hey Nicole I look forward to reading your post. Clearing clutter that’s my happy moon for this week…

  2. Abigail Peck says:

    My favorite happymoon is that moment when you feel the warm sun on your face and a light breeze. The smell of grass and fresh dirt surrounds you. The rustle of leaves and the play of light and shadow from the trees. Often it only lasts a moment but it is a moment I hold on to like an oasis in my hectic life.

  3. Nicole Bryers says:

    One of the things that I’m Happymooning over this week is finishing organizing my two bedrooms & cooking for Thanksgiving as well as spending quality time with friends & family!

  4. Keisha Frandsen says:

    One of the things I am ‘happymooning” over this week is Club Pilates (at http://clubpilatesstudio.com/locations/missiongorge), a good butt kicking workout and following up with a good massage.

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