Happiness is Bling.

We love Bri Emery! I saw this video and was yelling at the screen because I LOVED this kitchen.

“I LOVE YOU Chevron curtains and HOT PINK Kitchenaid!!!”

 (arms in the air, of course)

Hey, sometimes you just need to yell at your computer so the world hears.

And a motto here at Life on Happy, is you can N-E-V-E-R have too much sparkle…Thank you Bling Diva Designs for this mixpiration!

These Cupcakes from Bri are DIVINE for Happiness:

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The Video that is making the world Happy!

You may be surprised to see that this video is not for a product or brand. It is simply people helping people. This video reminds us that something as small as helping someone cross the street is little to one person and life changing or saving to another.  As we rush around this holiday season, what would you see if you had a dashboard camera in your car? Would you be someone who drives by someone in need or are you the person who stops and helps? Let’s all try and remember that we’re all on this Earth together and should have Faith in humanity and Spread Happy because every one of us needs a little pick me up sometimes. That compassionate pull you feel from this video and in situations like these in your life is Jesus’ spirit within us. We could all use a little more of that in the world:)



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A Story about Love and Inspiration

When Linda Carey was diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband Bob went Think Pink to the max, taking photos of himself in a pink tutu—and little else—as a way to stay positive and light-hearted during Linda’s treatment. Bob has travelled as far as Italy to take tutu-shots, now assembled into a book of images called “Ballerina” — currently on sale with all proceeds going to breast cancer organizations. We’re also big fans of Bob’s quote to the Huffington Post when asked how we can better laugh in the face of hardship and tragedy: “Just remember how much fun it was to be a kid.” Story Blurb Credit to Soul Pancake Spoonful.

“I did this to make people happy.” -Bob

Thank Bob, you’re the best! -Nicole

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A Christmas Miracle that makes airline passengers Happy!

WestJet Airlines did something SPECTACULAR for some of their passengers….as we make it our goal, along with Santa in this video, to Spread Happy through this blog, we think this is absolutely amazing and want to share it with you:)

Good job WestJet! -Nicole

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Inspiration on how to live a happy life…no matter what.

Here is a great example of how Zach Sobiech lived a Life on Happy even after getting diagnosed with terminal cancer in May 2012. What did Zac do? Picked up his guitar and changed the world.

“Clouds,” which has received more than 8.8 million hits on YouTube and reached No. 1 on the iTunes singles chart, was written by Zach to say farewell to friends and family as he was suffering from terminal osteosarcoma.

When Zach passed away on May 20, 2013, his fans pushed ’Clouds’ to up to #1 on iTunes, Spotify and the Billboard charts – a fitting tribute to a remarkable young man.

The event was organized by the KS95 for Kids Radiothon, which started Thursday. The two-day annual radiothon, a benefit for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, has raised more than $12 million since it was started in 1999.

Zach is an inspiration to all of us at Life on Happy because he reminds the world that life is precious and you CAN make the world better with a positive attitude…and a guitar.

Some pics from Dec 6, 2013 at Mall of America where 5,000 people came together for the world’s Largest ‘Cloud Chorus’

More than 5,000 people joined a world-record

Woolly Rhino Productions-great video thank you!

Want to stay involved in Zach’s legacy? Please visit http://www.childrenscancer.org/zach/

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Give the gift of Happiness-and BE MORE AWESOME!


Photo credit to Whyte House Photography

As we make lists on what to buy for our friends and family this year-most of us are always in pursuit of ‘The Perfect Gift’…….but what if The Perfect Gift was not something that goes under a tree for you loved ones? What if it was even better…what if you could literally give the gift of Happiness itself? Check out what one of our favorite kids in the world who inspires us to BE MORE AWESOME, Kid President, considers to be the world’s BEST gift this year…

So-let’s do it! Let’s all BE MORE AWESOME !



Smell Happy-It Makes Perfect Scents!

Happiness is directly linked to lots of things-one of those is smell. Here are a few ways to breathe your way into a Life on Happy in your Home.


Happy Holly Jolly Christmas!

Megan at Do It Yourself Divas has an awesome recipe to breathe some Happy into the air in your home:

Handful of cranberries
Two candy canes
Couple drops of peppermint essential oil
Teaspoon of vanilla extract
A couple sprigs of fresh pine

More DIY Natural Air Freshener Recipes

DIY and photo credit to: http://birdsandbloomsblog.com

Happy can even live in your drawers or small spaces!

Adorable DIY Air Freshener Pouch

DIY and photo credit to: http://sincerelykinsey.blogspot.com

It’s easier than you think-You Can Do This!


DIY and photo credit to: roam & wander


DIY and photo credit to: roam & wander

A Few DIY Freshener Recipes to Try

DIY and photo credit to: shopterrain.com

According to Terrain, the how is simple!

  1. Choose a combination of spices, herbs, or fruit that most appeals to you, or keep it simple and choose one of our blends above.
  2. Add them carefully into your chosen vessel, fill with purified water, seal, and store in the refrigerator until ready for use.
  3. When you’re ready to freshen, add the contents of your vessel to a saucepan, bring the mixture to a boil over the stove, and simmer while your fresh fragrance fills the kitchen and nearby rooms. Keep an eye on your water level, making sure to add more purified water periodically.
  4. Once finished, your freshener can be poured back into its glass vessel and stored again in the refrigerator for a week of reuse. If it sounds easy, it’s because it is.
  5. Be Happy!
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Eat & Be Happy!

As the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers have left your refrigerator, we hope you are feeling GREAT about making all healthy choices and not having over eaten at all last week (wink wink). If this is not you (it surely is not us here at Life on happy), that is okay-we’re glad you’re here. 🙂

We agree that sometimes the holiday season can be stressful. Did you know food can uplift your spirits? Here are some awesome food items that are known to make you Happy! Thanks to Men’s Health http://menshealth.intoday.in/story/29-Foods-that-make-you-happy/0/2839.html for the 29 foods that make you happier!

CALL FOR RECIPES! Please post your recipes that make YOU happy and we will add them to our upcoming recipe section of this blog!

1. Green beans: A study by the Institute of Psychiatry found that magnesium levels are lower in those suffering from depression. Green veggie- green beans in particular-can boost them and ensure you stay the right side of happy.

2. Ginseng tea:
This herb has been shown to improve the body’s response to stress and decrease feelings of anxiety; it can also help to give your mood and energy a lift. Apparently Buddha was partial to a cuppa-and who are we to question the master of serenity?

3. Tofu: Research in The New England Journal of Medicine shows a lack of trytophan can lead to depression. With its high levels- 747mg per 100g-tofu is ideal to keep your levels up. If you’re not convinced by the wobbly stuff, blend it into a smoothie-you can still enjoy the benefits without knowing it’s there.

4. Butternut squash:
This veggie is high in zinc. Research from the Polish Academy of Science showed it helps keep nerve cells alive and ward off the blues. It’s needed to convert trytophan into serotonin, the happy hormone. Peel, chop and roast in olive oil with mixed herbs and chilli for bliss.

5. Red snapper:
Researchers from Finland’s Kuopio University Hospital found people with low levels of vitamin B12 are more likely to be depressed. One serving of red snapper has almost three times your RDA and is great barbecued or grilled.

6. Chocolate:
High in phenylethylamine (PEA), chocolate enhances endorphin levels. According to a study by John Hopkins University in Baltimore, its sugar and fat has moodaltering effects, familiar to anyone who has soothed a tetchy girlfriend with Temptations.

7. Grapefruit:
Rich in folic acid, crucial for oxygen delivery to the brain, grapefruit is also key in serotonin production. A study by Tufts University in Boston found that blood levels of folate were lower in people with depression. Try grilled with brown sugar and angostura bitters.

8. Wheat: Trimethyglycine (TMG) helps in the production of several brain chemicals which improve mood, energy, well-being, alertness, concentration and visual clarity. Key sources are wheat bran and wheat germ, so opt for whole meal bread when making your sandwiches.

9. Sesame seeds:
The Princeton Brain Bio Institute found people with depression have low levels of the amino acid threonine. Sesame seeds are one of the best food sources of this nutrient. Add them to salads, or try adding sesame paste to your salad dressings.

10. Goat’s milk: This is packed with moodbalancing calcium- 500ml provides around 70 per cent of your RDA-needed for the transmission of nerve impulses. A lack of this calming mineral will really get your goat as it increases edginess and irritability.

11. Butter beans: The neurotransmitter noradrenaline gives us feelings derived from dopamine, found in butter beans. If you’re feeling fl at or apathetic, blend a can of these beans with some olive oil and mustard for a tasty dip. You’ll feel butter in no time.

12. Cottage cheese:
Low-fat cheese of the cottage variety can guarantee you some decent sleep. It’s a good source of trytophan which is used in the production of melatonin, which helps you nod off. Try a late-night snack of cottage cheese on oatcakes.

13. Portobello mushrooms: A defi ciency in their vitamin B3 (niacin) can lead to depression. When levels are low, the body uses up trytophan to manufacture B3, leaving little left to convert to serotonin. Maintain your “fun-gi” status by eating these mushrooms-brush with olive oil and grill.

14. Liquorice: You never saw Chandler in a bad mood, did you? Liquorice root contains glycyrrhizin that inhibits the breakdown of cortisol, which helps the body deal with stress. It also contains isoflavan and isoflavene, used to treat the symptoms of depression.

15. Cauliflower:
This knobbly veggie is high in vitamin C. Having a low intake of C inhibits the production of dopamine, which gives us feelings of wellbeing, boosts absorption of energy boosting iron. A study by Cornell University found steaming 100g of cauliflower resulted in 70mg of the spirit raising vitamin.

16. Lentils: Feeling down is often a symptom of chronic iron deficiency, as is general weakness, listlessness and exhaustion. A 200g serving of lentils will supply you with half your RDA of iron, so looks like you better start spooning up mom’s dal. Else, just add a handful to a soup or salad.

17. Oranges:
Oranges contain the substance inositol, which regulate serotonin and insulin levels resulting in fewer mood swings and relief from depression. It can also help in the breakdown of fats and reduction of blood cholesterol. Easy-peelers guarantee even fewer mood swings.

18. Tuna: The production of serotonin requires vitamin B6, so a deficiency can affect mood. A study in the Alternative Medicine Review found a fifth of depressed people lack B6. As tuna supplies 59 per cent of your RDA, it pays to have it on your shopping list.

19. Parsley: An excellent source of amino acid L-glutamine, which increases concentration levels. It also helps to combat anxiety and stress by elevating energy levels in your brain and increasing mental alertness. In future, don’t dismiss the garnish: Use it liberally.

20. Mackerel:
Gamma-amino butyric acid or GABA provides mood-elevating effects by blocking feelings of anxiety or stress. Fish is a good source of this compound with mackerel particularly high. So, cheer yourself up with this cheap and plentiful variety.

21. Mutton kidneys:
Rich in phosphatidylserine, kidneys can improve memory and stress response. A study in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience showed high levels were associated with feeling less stressed and having a better mood. Fry in a little butter for three minutes in each side.

22. Hummus:
High in protein and fibre, hummus provides a slow, sustained release of glucose into your blood stream helping you avoid blood sugar fluctuations. Depression and low mood are linked to poor blood sugar control, so snack on.

23. Carrots:
A study in the International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research found a deficiency in the vitamin biotin induced depression and fatigue. Although the study was conducted on mice, experts believe the effects would be replicated in humans.

24. Halibut:
According to scientists from University College in Swansea, a deficiency of the mineral selenium may be associated with increased anxiety, low mood with depression. You can get 68 per cent of your RDA of selenium from a mere 100g of halibut.

25. Soya milk: High protein foods like soya milk break down into amino acids such as tyrosine, which increase brain chemicals dopamine and noradrenaline. These help you feel more energetic and positive. Just substitute the milk on your cereals or in your coffee with soya.

26. Walnuts:
Walnut’s association with all things cerebral isn’t restricted to them looking like tiny brains. They’re an excellent source of omega-3s which help brain cells and mood-lifting neurotransmitters to function properly.

27. Cod:
Taurine is an amino acid that helps regulate and generate nerve impulses responsible for our mood, thoughts and actions. Cod contains 108mg per 100g, but it’s probably better to find a sustainable alternative. Pollack is also rich in taurine.

28. Kelp: Sea vegetables are a rich source of iodine which stablises mood and can increase energy, focus and can make you more alert. Don’t worry if the thought doesn’t appeal-you can still benefit by adding dried flakes to your soups or salads.

29. Sweetcorn: These little yellow kernels will put a smile on your dial. In a single serving, you get a quarter of your RDA of vitamin B1. A recent study found subjects enjoyed improved mood, alertness and energy after two months of supplementing with B1, even if they weren’t deficient.

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An Attitude of Gratitude

As Thanksgiving is upon us this week, we found an awesome way to showcase an Attitude of Gratitude that is scientifically proven to make you happier!

Here is the science behind how being grateful leads to increased happiness:

At the end of the video, it asks that if you’re having a tough day, film yourself showing gratitude and send it in. Please also post your video link here so we can share your happy with each other on this blog.

Life on Happy recommends you to try writing your own letter to someone who has had an impact on your life and, if possible, read it on Thanksgiving to that person. Maybe this become a family event, annual tradition, or maybe this can be your Happymoon!

Whatever it becomes for you-it will make you more Happy. Try it:)

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What is a “Happymoon” anyway?

Happymoon. Noun. What one does, just for themselves, to reconnect with their inner peace, nurture themselves, and make themselves happy. It mirrors the intimate sentiment of the word from which it is derived, “honeymoon,” in that it is specific and unique to an individual.

Implicit in the notion of a happymoon is the idea that happiness is a choice that one makes by seeking out and doing that which makes him or her happy, or perhaps by just consciously, and very deliberately, devoting time and mental energy to enjoying the blessings and good fortune that one already has.

See also: “find one’s happy place”, “tend one’s own garden”, “take time for oneself” and “do what makes one happy”.

Example: “I’ve had no time for myself this week, so this weekend I’m going to take a happymoon by spending the day at the spa, then hanging out with my girlfriends.”

Can also be used as a verb. Example: “Sorry, boss, I’d love to spend all weekend working on this project, but I’m happymooning with my kids at the beach.”

What will YOU do for your Happymoon?

Thank you for reading our very first post! We look forward to learning & sharing how to live a Life on Happy!


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